Young Musicians at Contemporary Music School, St Leonards on Sea, have created new composition for Edward Lear’s words to honour the fact that the first section of Lear's 1871 anthology is called a collection of songs, not poetry. Tennyson rated Edward Lear’s composition as the best created using his poetry and it is regrettable that most of Edward Lear’s music is lost. Lear the musician is overlooked perhaps because he worked chiefly to be recognised as a significant artist of his time as well as a successful writer. His evenings at the piano, singing with Marianne North and her family and his wide circle of friends, counted as social time.

Enjoy eight videos by animator Cliff Crawford and arts facilitator Jill Rock working with young musicians facilitated by Otti Albietz and Maria Price.

Ashley Chen, Calico Pie

Henry Wilson, Daddy Long Legs

Mandy He, The Duck and the Kangaroo

Bella, Daddy Long Legs and the Fly

Jackie Chen, The Owl and the Pussy-Cat

Susie He, The Owl and the Pussy-Cat

Ella Nguyen, Mr and Mrs Spicky Sparrow

Kelly Li, Calico Pie

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