Cranks, Cogs and Cams:
an exploration of Edward Lear’s
The Story of the Four Little Children Who Went Round the World

The film is comprised of automata made in two Cabaret Mechanical Theatre workshop projects led by London based mechanical artist Stephen Guy and Wonderful Idea Co. creative design studio’s Ryan Jenkins in California. The workshops were conducted through Zoom, involving a mixed community group of makers and creators. Each automata in the film responds to a quote from Edward Lear’s The Four Little Children Who Went Round the World.

Directed by Esme Fisher, supported by artist Erica Smith, with additional digital art by Cliff Crawford, and music and sounds created by composer Frank Moon. Narration by Maya Coombs. The film includes 25 automata by 19 makers.

Makers in order of appearance:
Peter Price, Zac Price, Alice Beadle, Frank Moon, Bev Lee Harling, Gail Borrow, Juliet Grace, Lou Lou Cousin, Issi Fisher, Ed Boxall, Paul Beadle, Erica Smith, Esme Fisher, Alison Cooper, Samuel Bradnum, Ann Bloomfield, Jac Holt, Charlie Moon and Thom Collett.

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