Nonsense poetry created by residents of Carisbrooke, Stockley and Silchester Roads, St Leonards on Sea was exhibited in the streets during the 2021 festival. Artist Peter Quinnell and assistant Alice Fletcher-Quinnell pictured. More about this project. Images by Alex Brattell.

St Leonards on Sea residents brought this nonsense poetry to life in the videos below with arts practitioners Erin Brookes-Doolan and Alison Cooper. Please note that the final three videos contain more adult language/themes and are placed separately at the bottom of the page.


Residents in Stockleigh Road and parts of Silchester and Carisbrooke Road in St Leonards on sea received a nonsense poetry kit through their letterbox from artist Peter Quinnell and his team inviting them to create poetry using a Tristan Tzara dada approach to Edward Lear’s nonsense humour: put your hand in a bag and pull words out randomly. The team have also been working with community group The GAP Project on collaged nonsense images.

Artist Peter Quinnell’s team comprise of Yasmin Aishah, Erin Brookes-Doolan, Kate Bruce, Alison Cooper, Esme Fisher, Alice Fletcher-Quinnell, Jac Holt and Erica Smith. The GAP Project is run by Tania Charman.


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