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Swap Your Fivers Fundraiser
A HUGE thank you for your support for the project!

Thank you to all of you who have helped hundreds of young readers to take part in the festival by swapping your Bank of England five pound notes for Bank Of Lear fivers, capacious enough to wrap up honey and lots of money. Your swap will help children to explore with an artist from our platform team from September through to April, entering Edward Lear’s nonsense literary world in many fun and vividly imaginative ways. The children will mount outdoor artwork celebrating their exploration of the book on the platform at Warrior Square Station during the festival.

Currency exchanges still open so you can take part: The Bookkeeper Bookshop, 1A Kings Road, Calneva Vintage, 13 Kings Road, Mama Putts, 23 Kings Road, Pass Muster Trading, 41 Kings Road, Pelhams Fine Furniture and Ceramics, 22 Kings Road, Sugarpie Honeybuns, 235 London Road and Teddy Tinkers, 134 London Road, all in St Leonards on Sea.

Exploring a book creatively is an essential part of growing up and, in these extraordinary times, stepping into the world of a book is joyful and restorative. A familiarity with heritage literature helps a young person feel included in society. And comparing heritage attitudes, understandings and conditions in literature with the values of our contemporary world helps us to understand where we have come from, where we’re at and where we’d like to go. It’s so important to help children explore books!

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