Chanté writes about a strange future
Arkady’s wistful description
Spot the references in Alice's writing...
H.G.Wells’ description of the Palace of Green Porcelain
Maya Coombs writes about a London museum - but which one?
Laurie Piper writes about somewhere more local
Logan and Rebecca's haunting view of a future city

Maya’s The Time Machine Creative Writing Challenge

Imagine your time traveller self discovering a favourite building from now as it might look in the future! Inspired by the discovery of the Porcelain Palace in H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, our youngest team member, Maya Coombs, thought it would be cool to create descriptions of a favourite landmarks or buildings in the style of H.G. Wells. Word count: 400 words max and it can be a piece of prose or a poem. Please send your Time Travel text to Your writing will be shared on this page. Let’s see if we can guess which building you’ve described.

Click the pages above for H.G.Wells’ description of the Palace of Green Porcelain and the creative responses.

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