Our #PalaceOfGreenPorcelain project invites you to create a something in your home inspired by H.G. Wells' fantastic adventure setting. Enjoy the growing gallery and take part in this #ATownExploresABook adventure. A project by festival partner Teddy Tinker’s.

“As the hush of evening crept over the world and we proceeded over the hill crest towards Wimbledon, Weena grew tired and wanted to return to the house of grey stone. But I pointed out the distant pinnacles of the #PalaceofGreenPorcelain to her, and contrived to make her understand that we were seeking a refuge there from her Fear." H.G. Wells

To Take Part:
Inspired by a remarkable setting in Wells’ novella, construct your personal palace at home, using what's to hand. Share your photo using hashtag #PalaceofGreenPorcelain or attach in an email to explore@atownexploresabook.com.

Wells’ fantastic ruined palace setting in The Time Machine has inspired adventure writing, film and video games in the 125 years since the publication of his iconic novella. His descriptions of the mysterious Palace of Green Porcelain offer us an opportunity to consider our contemporary delight in opulent decaying architecture and historical environments of alluring fascination. We can ponder how they have become a prerequisite in the adventure genre. Wells was writing at the end of the nineteenth century when artists revelled in the wonder of the ruin. Inhabiting an imperial world, his creation of the palace is also a chance to ponder the complexities of our response to the ‘exotic’ aesthetic and our historical legacy.


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