Wells' Smells!
To investigate the way scent is used in Wells' novella, we've enlisted the help of the experts! Blake the sniffer dog at D.W.Dogs and Seaside Paws has made quite a discovery about Wells' Smells in The Time Machine.

Wells could explore many aspects of his Eloi's world through scent but saves the word 'smell' for two key moments of fear and horror in the novella: the Morlocks' feast, revealing them to be cannibals, and the threat of fire.

Take Part:
Is there a particular scent that you would add to Wells' adventure novella? Or explore in your own writing? Blake the sniffer dog is alert and ready to receive a picture of what you've sniffed out! Create a quote to go with your picture too!

Send us a photo using hashtag #WellsSmells or attach in an email to explore@atownexploresabook.com.



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