Diddakoi Etymology

Artist of Romany heritage Jake Bowers, a member of the outdoor art team, says, “In terms of the meaning of ‘diddakoi’ [often spelt didicoy], firstly I’d actually pronounce it diddykai. I don’t know where it comes from, but I think it is a bastardisation of the Romani phrase ‘dik akai’ which literally means ‘look here’ or ‘look at that’. The term we would actually use for a half-blood Romani is ‘posh rat’ which means half blood, so diddakoi itself is a Gorgia (non-Gypsy) loan of a Romani phrase, much like we used the word Eskimo (which I believe means fish-eater in Inuit) to refer to the Inuit. The history and meaning of the title is a great place to start exploring the book.” Community members of Romany heritage and nomadic lifestyle will be leading projects alongside artists and groups of other minority heritages. Please email if you can offer perspective/take part as a member of the community that author Rumer Godden sought to raise awareness of fifty years ago when she wrote The Diddakoi.

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