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29 March - 14 April 2024
A vibrant community arts festival exploring The Railway Children by E. Nesbit



Yasmin Aishah, one of the competition judges

We were delighted to receive such a large number of fantastically creative entries for this year’s competition for ages 5-14, on the theme “journey” inspired by Mary Seacole.

Students from nine schools took part, as well as a number of home-educated young writers.
Explore the shortlisted entries read by competition judges Yasmin Aishah and Maya Coombs and discover which 12 young writers are prize winners!
Doodles from sketch assemblies, one of the ‘8 Ways to Connect’ schools engagement programme, are curated onto festival bunting. Here’s the 2023 bunting, a project created by early career team artists Yasmin Aishah, Esme Fisher & Bronwen Firth and actioned by mentor artist Cliff Crawford who will support the early career team to work with media students in the 2024 festival to experience project curation and work flow management.

Looking forward to setting out on another adventure with everyone involved in another A Town Explores A Book exploration. Always a highlight of the year for the community”