30 March - 14 April 2024
St Leonards-on-Sea
A vibrant community arts festival exploring
The Railway Children
by E. Nesbit


Download the festival map to explore the outdoor trail all over town. FREE outdoor art, indoor exhibitions, activities plus family fun in street events.

Explore two trading areas of town, north of the station and south of the station featuring shop windows:


(A) PERKS THE PORTER ACTIVITY HUB. Free family activities & lunchtime refreshments.
EMOTIONAL LANDSCAPES exhibition, WISDOMS installation and outdoor art.

(B) “A GREAT DRAGON TEARING BY” Outdoor art including 3000 children’s drawings.

(C) “THE RUSH OF ITS PASSING” ACTIVITY HUB. Free family activities & lunchtime refreshments.
“I THOUGHT ENGINEERING WAS MAKING ENGINES” automata exhibition and “WITH A SHRIEK AND A SNORT” model exhibition.

(D) “METALS OF THE UP-LINE” photography in bus stops.

(E) “PICKS AND SPADES” outdoor art on the station path.

(F) “SHINING METALS” indoor exhibition.

(G) PLATFORM PANEL PROJECT at St Leonards Warrior Square Station.

(H) A Town Explores A Book festival closing event in venue, Christ Church.

(I) GROWING UP. Outdoor art in the bench shelters.