Active Arts community to explore a key moment from The Railway Children for ATEAB24 pop-up museum

E. Nesbit’s 1905 children’s book charts the adventures of three children who are displaced and energetically explore their new environment which is dominated by the railway.

The trains, the “shining rails”, the ” yawning mouth of the tunnel” and conversations with station staff fill the children’s new life with excitement and can be seen to plug the hole left by their father who has mysteriously disappeared and whom they eventually discover is in prison.

Festival partner Hastings and Bexhill Mencap’s Active Arts’ service users are planning a pop up museum exploring their passions of trains, railway infrastructure and E. Nesbit’s book.

A famous scene is the waving of red petticoats to avert a train crash. This is just one way children are demonstrated to have ability to adapt and to action their decision-making capacities to take responsibility and to make a difference.