“Sharp edge of our grief” - film, live music & conversation

Clockwise: Michael Braithwaite, Les Booth, Elwaldo Romeo and Dave Rohoman feature in the film "Sharp edge of our grief"
Archer Lodge, Charles Road (Opposite Markwick Gardens), TN38 0QX
FOOD: Soup kitchen inspired by Mary Seacole’s catering.
Two artist teams take Mary Seacole’s book on a creative journey. Filmmaker Rod Morris works with Etienne Cutmore-Kourouma and Jac Holt to explore Mary’s journey from Jamaica to England through the lens of the experience of four members of the Windrush community, while musicians Sam Brown, Hannah Collisson, Catherine Rajhans and Elizabeth Rajhans develop music inspired by the many vivid journeys Mary embarked on around the globe. 
The film screening and live music performance will accompany an open conversation about the artists’ exploration of the book, including the complexity of Mary Seacole’s relationship with her own heritage.
The title of the event “Sharp edge of our grief ” is from a passage in Mary Seacole’s book which is a response to adversity. Mary considers that her community articulated feelings more viscerally and openly than others.
Mary Seacole’s book contains many experiences of racism and prejudice in her nineteenth century world. “But, I must say, that I don’t altogether appreciate your friend’s kind wishes with respect to my complexion. If it had been as dark as any ******* I should have been just as happy and as useful, and as much respected by those who respect I value; and as to his offer of bleaching me, I should, even if it were practicable, decline it without any thanks.”

The artists involved in these four nights of performance and conversation look forward to exploring Mary’s navigation of prejudice, which is complex and differs through her life, with the festival audience.

Access: Level access to the entrance